Friday, February 12, 2010

What is the going rate for a tooth these days?

The other day Delaney noticed that one of her baby teeth was moving. That prompted Megan to get excited and tell her sister that her tooth was going to fall out. Now, Delaney is my third and I know what horror visions that can put in a 4 year olds head! And sure enough, Delaney came running to me and crying because Megan said her teeth were going to fall out and she did not want to look like Collin. Collin is one of my daycare kids and currently looks like this.........

Now I personally think he looks sweet. But to Delaney I guess he looks like a younger version of an old man without their dentures in. And she did not want to look like that! She wants to keep her teeth. She doesn't care how 'baby' they are! And so sat on my lap and cried.

It took some joking and showing excitment that she was getting bigger and talking about the toothfairy who would be bringing her money to get matters in control. I am sure telling her that she would be getting her big girl teeth in and not having to go toothless like Collin, helped some too.

Today she proudly showed me her wiggly tooth. And then said that her cousin Chey has a loose tooth too and seems we have gone from being scared out of our mind with visions of having to gum her food in the future, to it being totally 'cool'!

So I have the tooth fairy box ready and waiting. It is the one I used for Ryan and Megan. The date of the their 1st lost tooth written on the back. And now it is Delaneys turn.........

My baby is growing up!

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