Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where oh where oh where is Mimi?

My Dad took pity on us NJ'ans and drove down from NY state to bail us out.
And...decided to stay cause we have ANOTHER Nor'Easter heading our way on top of the pile we already had.

Are you getting tired of seeing snow pics? Cause I am tired of posting them! If we had won the lottery last night, I would have packed us up and taken the 1st flight out of here for the nearest warm weather place! Nothing is going to be moving again for another two days or more!

And to top it off, I think I am getting sick. Nothing like being closed in with a bunch of kids and feeling like all you want is your bed!

Today we have sun. The last of it for a while cause come rush hour, we will be in the throws of another blizzard.....................

I am getting low on snack supplies so off to start baking!

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