Friday, June 18, 2010


We have been having some issues with our tv over the last few months. Started out of the blue with these lines that come and go all over the screen. Mainly at night. And only on one channel. We have called the cable people in several times and they have been out here a good 5 times or so. Most times they leave, with a pat on the back, and tell us it is closed caption. But this looks NOTHING like closed caption. It comes in script and different colors and sometimes stays unmoving and other times moves all over. We have no clue what it is but is not closed caption.

But I think the best visit was the last guy who came. He was checking in with the office and while he waited he asked me what was wrong. I told him and his response was "closed caption". I gave a sigh and probably a little eye roll and described what it looked like and how it was in script.

His comment was are so going to love this..........
"Oh yeah. Closed caption. That is for the deaf. They put it in script but when the deaf hook up their devise to the tv, it changes the script into beeps so they can hear it and know what is being said."

Seriously! Do I really need to elaborate on that one???

Then I had one guy who told me it was the closed caption and tried to take it off for me. But we don't have the original remote and he couldn't find the menu on the universal one we use. So he tells me he can't remove it because I need the original. My comment back was "How did it just get put on then if you need the original remote to put it on and shut it off?" He never did answer me.

We still have the script. And we still are waiting for them to look into it. The last guy was at least honest and said he had no clue and had to talk with his supervisor. But since it has been 5 days without a word, I am assuming that means he doesn't know, doesn't care and we will never see him again.

And so my tv sits in my family room still with pretty coded script that comes and goes. At this point I have learned to not even pay attention to it till someone comes over and asks me what that is.

On a side note....
While I was skimming my pictures for a photo of the scripted tv (which, of course I could not find) I came across these rare pictures with Ryan and had to share!

Normally Ryan is way too cool to take pictures for me which is why it is very rare.

I am so going to have to bribe him with those one day!

(which, come to think of it, may be one reason why he doesn't take pictures for me!)

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