Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come on over Matthew and pull up a floatie!

Well, we woke yesterday to find that my tv guy actually fixed our cable and the start of summer began and school only has three days left and a long lost Aunt had gifted Todd her huge home in FL right on the beach and that we had won the lottery and if you believe all that I have a castle in Ireland I can rent to you for vacation!

Well. Ok. The parts about school and about summer being official was really true! And I am doing the happy dance!

But the rest you will have to leave it up to your imagination cause I really have nothing else exciting to offer right now. Along with summer comes lack of excitement and, for the sake of the blog, entertainment. There is no stress of after school activities or rumors to listen too from PTA moms or waiting with anticipation to see if we get Doogie Howser for allergy shots today.

Ok....Doogie is still on the summer role call. That doesn't really stop for the summer. But that is about it. We have gotten down to which swimsuit to put on today and if we should go for a walk because of the heat.

And I am ok with that. I like not having much to think about for two and 1/2 long months!

Todd actually had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to join a bible study group. Now, if you know Todd, you know that it is more likely to snow in June than to see Todd sitting and reading a chapter from Matthew. But he was invited and is excited about going. However, it is my summer. And NOTHING comes between me and my Coppertone. Not even a dude called Matthew. So as much as I would love to go simply to see Todd read the bible AND talk about it....it still does not outweigh my excitement of which blow up float I should lay on...pink or blue. I am standing my ground. Summer is MINE.

So Todd is off to bible study alone. Which, I am sure, really doesn't bother him. And he comes home and chats to me about it. Perhaps now we can have some really mind blowing conversation on the bible instead of Todd telling me to "go ask the Pastor" when I bring the topic up!

Maybe come August, when I become bored with floating around in the pool, getting a tan with a glass of iced tea in my hand...I will go with him.

More likely not.

More likely it will snow in June!

But one can hope I suppose.

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