Wednesday, June 30, 2010

But I am bored!

The kids are officially home for the summer. The last day of school rang in last Thur. But life was too boring to be home on Friday and so one went to his girlfriends house and another went to her girlfriends house. And that left the house rather quiet to the point I could have sworn it was still a school day. The weekend was not much different as my older kids tried to find any way they could to get out of the house. Or away from me. I am not sure which. I try not to take it personally cause I am like the bestest mom in the world and who would shy away from my peppy it's-summer-time-dance while holding a plate of homemade cookies!!? (I am thinkin it might be the dance though.)

And so Monday rolled around and again I was asked if so and so could come over or if so and so could pick so and so up and they go over their house, etc etc etc. And my comment was something along the lines of "If you think I am going to be a free babysitter or you are going to live over someones house all have another thing coming! Spend time with your family!" Or something along those lines anyway.

I think my kids are so used to going that they aren't sure what to do with themselves once going isn't an activity! Where I pull up a floatie and relish in the glory of nothingness, they go into withdrawal.

Yesterday Megan spent time with the daycare kids and her sister. Ryan grumbled around the house in a mood cause he was bored.

Dunno. When I was home for the summer I didn't run to someones house. There was no one who lived near us! We just hung around the house. Slept in. Went for walks. Played outside. Went swimming. Read a book (Lordy I am not sure my kids know what that is!) There was no cable. No AC. No video games. No on demand movies. Come to think of DID we survive?

I am sure some more homemade cookies and hugs to wake them in the morning and another it's-summer-happy-dance will improve their moods.

And if not....I always have my floatie to escape! And a batch of homemade cookies!

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