Thursday, June 24, 2010

Go team USA!

"Donovan Strike Gives USA First World Cup Group First Place Finish in 80 years"

If you know me, you know that I am about as far away from being a sports fan
as one can be. Music, theater, dance is more my cup of tea. But since I am
also a soccer mom I cannot ignore the US victory!

So here is a shout out and a cheer to a job well done USA!
On a side note....
We don't have much planned this weekend. And yet, I feel like it is gone before it has even started! Maybe I should say we don't have many EXCITING things planned for this weekend?
Megan is already hitting me up for a sleepover. For two different girls. And Ryan wants a friend to sleep over too and his girlfriend to pop in for a visit. For some reason, the end of school equals panic mood for Megan and Ryan who think they will never see their friends again and they just must sleep over!!! There is no way I am having a houseful of kids! So I told them to narrow it down. And I made the mistake of saying we might go to the beach. I will not be living that one down even though I do not know what I was thinking cause I know I will not have the time to go to any shore line over the next few days!
VBS shopping is scheduled for Sat. Along with swim class. So I am figuring that Sat is shot. And Sunday we have to bring our children to church so they can become beggars. The church will not donate more money for my VBS cause and suggested that I place children at the doors with baskets in hand and have them beg for donations instead. Ok maybe not in those exact words but the end result is still the same! So my kids and a few others that I enlist, will be standing at the doorways of our church on Sunday with a mission in mind......look cute and pitiful and beg the money out of the older peoples pockets. A little eye batting and lip pout might come in handy! I know my children are very good at that so we should make out well!
So I am thinking I am going to be stuck with a houseful of kids this weekend who have the anticipation that they are going to the beach but instead are going to be greatly disappointed.
Today? I plan on sitting by the pool while the kids run ramped around the back yard and bask in the glorious sun! I am going to enjoy it while I have still have one more day of peace!
Have I mentioned how much I love summer?

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