Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Well it is that time of the year again


A fun filled week of kids, laughter, fun and games all centered around the learning of Christian stories.

Translated in adults terms........that means stress, screaming kids, throw up, back talk, paint in hair and dealing with parents, all done in 90 degree heat and no A/C. Always a fun opportunity!

Every year I say I am not going to do it. It tends to be a week of free babysitting for SAHM's with nothing better to do with their time than drop their kiddies off for VBS and sit by the pool for the next 2 1/2 hours.

I say that with some sort of truth mixed with a bit of jealously.

Nothing tops my summer more than dealing with about 25 pre-k kids who have never been away from mom, while mom stands in the back of the room with her swimsuit on and cover up and chatting with the other community pool moms about 'Did you hear about XYZ?" or "I cannot believe how much they are charging this year for the hotdogs at the pool!"

I am very good at multi-tasking cause I so look forward to hearing about the cost of hotdogs at the community pool while I deal with about 6 crying kids at the same time as I am trying to read a bible story!

And each year I say I am going to take a break. I am NOT going to do it. I am not.

And then the quilt overtakes me. The director stands up in church and asks for help and as much as I try to slouch down in my pew, I KNOW that my quilts will get the better of me and I will do it.

Which is why I said I would do the director position this year.

The quilts and some insane tendencies too I am thinking.

And maybe so I can find out the price of the hotdogs at the pool! Cause I am always wondering about that.

I knew I was going to be asked. I knew the old director quit. I knew I was being eyed. I should have run. I should have slouched lower in my pew. I should have prayed for more strength. I should have found a better hiding spot! But I didn't. I did ask for a few days to think about it. But in the end, I would rather be the one doing the planning and doing it right than to be the stressed out teacher who got her info last minute and getting to listen about when the next swim meet is.

There has to be something better about the name of director. Right? Director. Leader. Excellent planner. The higher up. The go to person.

Ok I might be trying too hard to make it sound much better than it is.

I guess I will find out. I look at it this way. I will do my job to the best of my ability. And in the end, I can always hide in the church office when I don't want to be found!

(Geesh. I hope I didn't just give away my hiding spot! You didn't hear that............)

So say a prayer for me during the week of VBS which is set for July 5-9th. And a prayer for all those leaders under me cause they really have no idea how crazed I get when under stress. And one for the kids in my care.........And maybe one for strength.......And that I find a good hiding spot. But not too far away cause I have to be able to listen to what is going on at the community pool. I SO look forward to that.........

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